Volunteer to Help Support Wildlife

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to support our local wildlife. 

Our volunteer Members & Volunteers work together for the sole purpose of helping our wildlife, or any animal in need.  Volunteers are accepted for Rocky or Cap Coast locals who wish to be more involved in helping our local wildlife and the natural environment.  Volunteers help by assisting with rescues, transport, grant writing, fundraising, helping us with media and administration or making animal homes or pouches.  Every little bit of assistance makes a big difference!

  • We do not offer Carer positions initially that involve rehabilitating the animals in your own homes.  Although we do offer ‘Membership’ & ‘Carer’ positions to suitable interested parties from time to time, when mentors are available.  It is also dependent on members recommendation, volunteers’ interest, willingness to learn or obtained knowledge from volunteering, as well as demonstrated involvement and commitment to both the group and most importantly the displayed care and treatment of the animals.
  • We connect with each other via a Facebook Chat for rescues & transport, plus a FB Group for resources, education & general discussions.  It will be the place we advertise educational events that we have arranged, training opportunities, and other information regarding our local native wildlife.  If you are interested in getting to know the team & other like-minded locals, take a more active role & wish to learn more about native species that interest you, complete the Volunteer Application Form.

Following completion of this form, you will be messaged the details to our online ‘Wildlife Rescue Awareness’ course.  Once you complete this, you will then be added to our FB chat/group.

We can only achieve our goals with the assistance of volunteers, generous donations or discounts from members of our community.  Without this help, saving the lives of our beautiful & gentle native wildlife would not be possible.

By supporting Wildlife Rockhampton you are giving the local area’s native animals a second chance for a happy, healthy life.  We hope that you will help support our cause!

About Us

Wildlife Rockhampton is an organisation that is run entirely by volunteers, we do not have any paid positions!  Like all volunteer wildlife groups in Queensland, our volunteers undertake their roles from their own properties.

There are so many ways you can help e.g. by telling your friends about us, displaying our poster at your local vets, pet food stores, looking out for items on our wish list and supporting our fundraising events.

To be eligible to volunteer you must be:

  • Aged 18 or over unless you have your parental/guardian consent.
  • Must love and have a desire to help our native wildlife in care.
  • Must always represent Wildlife Rockhampton in a professional & courteous manner.
  • Act in accordance with both legislative and Wildlife Rockhampton organisational policies and guidelines.
  • Work with a team focus and under the guidance of our wildlife coordinators.

Your Suggestions

Please tell us if there is another way you might be able to assist!  If you are interested in becoming more involved please fill in the volunteer form and watch our Facebook pages and chat group for training and fundraising opportunities (https://www.facebook.com/wildliferockhampton/).

Become Involved:

  • Volunteer your time or goods to make possum boxes or sew pouches or liners for joeys.
  • An online training course is now available for those willing to assist with the transport or rescue of wildlife-in-need.  Once successfully completed, you can be involved when available.  A ‘Certificate of completion’ will also be issued to you following completion of the course.
  • Offer to have your property assessed as a potential wildlife release site.
  • Become a member of a caring group of like-minded individuals, who are committed to helping our beautiful native wildlife