How You Can Help Wildlife Rockhampton

Central Queensland's wildlife needs your support

RRC Community Assistance Program

Wildlife Rescue is a stressful experience for the sick, injured or orphaned animals that need our help. Wild animals can get capture myopathy from the stress of being chased or restrained. It can also be dangerous for the rescuer due to the animal fearing for its life...

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Safe & Secure Enclosures

Local businesses help us out by making strong, safe & custom designed shelters & enclosures for our wildlife. Donations of time, materials or expertise help us provide the best rehabilitation enclosures possible to help our native wildlife gain experience...

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Proud Sponsors

CQ inSight The owners of CQ inSight graphic design, Julie and Mike, are proud to be Corporate Sponsors of Wildlife Rockhampton and to help support the work we do for wildlife in our local community. Julie designed our logo and business cards and continues to maintain...

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Helping Hands

Wildlife Rockhampton has many reasons to be grateful to AFS Pharmacies Men’s Shed in North Rockhampton. We want to thank members of the AFS Men’s Shed for all the time, dedication and support they have shown to our organisation and for their ongoing work to help us...

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Our Sponsors