We released our two pheasant Coucals back to the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens today. They both came into care as late chicks when their nest was destroyed by mowing the long grass in which it was made. Luckily someone found them and one of our dedicated carers was able to raise them successfully.

The Pheasant Coucal is unlike other cuckoos in that they build their own nest, incubate their own eggs and raise their own young. All other cuckoos lay their eggs in other unsuspecting birds’ nests who then are forced to raise the chicks as their own.

Both of our birds took off so fast once out of the crate it was hard to get pictures. One ducked under the fence into the long grass and the other headed for the safety of the trees. Best of luck little ones! If you ever go for a wander in the Botanic Gardens and see a Pheasant Coucal, let us know! It just might be one of ours.