One of our rescuers was called out to CQ University recently at around midnight where one little echidna had made himself at home in someones car tire.

A driver saw the echidna crossing the road and he stopped his car to let him pass. When the little guy didn’t come out the other side the man got out and checked and found him attached to the metal bar where the wheel and hub attach to.

While on the phone the echidna dropped to the ground several times but when the guy tried to shoo him away from the car, he’d run back under and hug himself to the bar again. The one time the guy did detach him from one tire he ran to the other tire and attached himself there.

We had to undo the tire, jack up the car and detach him from the strut. We had campus security show up and help too. After a thorough check over, no obvious injuries were found, so he was released away from the road.