Wildlife Rockhampton has many reasons to be grateful to AFS Pharmacies Men’s Shed in North Rockhampton.

We want to thank members of the AFS Men’s Shed for all the time, dedication and support they have shown to our organisation and for their ongoing work to help us care for wildlife and the environment.

The local AFS Men’s Shed in North Rocky raises funds for a range of community support projects. They are aiming to increase membership of the Men’s Shed by offering a sense of belonging and mateship and boosting feelings of self-worth among retirees and the unemployed. Members can also draw on their own knowledge and experience to provide guidance and mentoring to younger men, enhancing their employment prospects through opportunities to work on community projects.

In 2013, Wildlife Rockhampton sought their help in making possum boxes. By giving our released possums a potential home, they have a better chance of survival. Fortunately for us, AFS Men’s Shed members were happy to assist and built a set of possum boxes to cover the Rockhampton area. These boxes are now being used for our rehabilitated possums, such as the one pictured below.

Now, in 2014, we are delighted that AFS Men’s Shed has once more agreed to help us. We need humidicribs to provide better care for baby animals. Because the commercial products are too expensive for us, AFS Men’s Shed has offered to build them with materials we can supply. Our plea to the public for donations of plywood, perspex, hinges and catches means the making of the first humidicrib is now under way.

You can help AFS Men’s Shed to help us by donating used items they need, for example garden equipment, tools, old furniture, ladders and roofing material. You might want to contact us to find out what sort of things would be most useful. Donated items can be left for us at any AFS Pharmacy.

Wildlife Rockhampton is proud to have the support of AFS Men’s Shed in North Rockhampton in lending helping hands to our sick and injured wildlife.

AFS Pharmacies Men’s Shed,
Ground floor, PCYC Rockhampton,
Bridge Street, Rockhampton.
Phone 07 4927 7899