RSPCA Queensland’s rescue teams are at the front-line of responding to animals in need, whether they are sick, injured or trapped and in need of rescue.  We are their emergency services.  All wildlife emergency calls, including marine animal boat strikes and beach stranding’s, which come through our 24-hour 1300 ANIMAL emergency hotline, are responded to by our Animal Ambulance and network of Wildlife Heroes, which includes wildlife rescuers, transporters, veterinarians and licensed rehabilitators.


Wildlife Rescue Australia 24-hour Call Centre – 1300 596 457 staffed by home-based co-ordinators trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues.

Our hotline 0429 GO WILD (0429 469 453)  has been established to allow members of the public to call for assistance when wildlife is found injured.  We provide advice ‘on-site’ for rescues as required, helping to minimise the suffering of sick, injured or orphaned Australian native wildlife.

URGENT CONTACT FORM – Please use the phone numbers above.  Then, if you have taken images of the animal you can upload them to our email address via this form. 

When an emergency call is received with advice that images have been sent, we will check our email as quickly as possible.



NON URGENT CONTACTUse this form for non-urgent issues only!