Meet Coco. We rescued her from Bouldercombe where the poor darling had been hanging by herself for three days. She was very thin but surprisingly still alive and seemingly unaffected by the cold nights. She’s a little fighter and took her first bottle of milk like a champion.

Earlier the same week we had two more flying fox rescues. We went to Mt Morgan to save a flying fox ensnared in netting. The beautiful, female Black with big eyes and sweet nature was eventually separated from the net. On Sunday it was off to Pink Lily where a handsome male Red was the victim of a barbed wire fence. We’re now caring for both Bella-Donna and Pilly, as they’ve lovingly been named, working hard to ensure they heal and can be released back into the wild.

Flying foxes are crucial to the health of our environment, so we must take good care of these gentle creatures. If you can, please use wildlife-friendly fencing and save lives – see for more details. And if you see an injured flying fox, don’t handle it yourself, just call us straight away on 0429 GO WILD and we’ll be there to help.