‘Our mission’ is to rescue and care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the Rockhampton region of Central Queensland.

Wildlife Rockhampton is a registered charity, established in March 2014 by like-minded community members willing to open their hearts and homes for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.  Our group is run totally by volunteers, with funding and assistance coming through the generosity of community members donations, volunteers and support for our various fundraising activities.  By supporting Wildlife Rockhampton you are giving the local area’s native wildlife a second chance for a happy, healthy life.

possum baby rescueRescue – our wildlife rescue hotline number is 0429 GO WILD (0429 469 453), this allows members of the public to call for assistance when wildlife needs help.  We provide advice ‘on-site’ to rescues as required, helping to minimise the suffering of sick, injured or orphaned Australian native wildlife.

Rehabilitation – our registered and highly trained and experienced wildlife carers provide care, protection, medical attention and comfort to wildlife whilst in our care.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare wildlife for release back into their natural habitat with the greatest chance for survival.

Release – we ensure that released wildlife are behaviorally and physically fit enough to have the best chance of survival, as well as contribute to the ongoing benefit of their natural habitat and the environment.                                                                                                

pelly the rescued pelican

Education – Wildlife Rockhampton encourages a greater understanding of living with and preserving our unique wildlife.  We provide education on conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat, inspiring involvement to maintain a group of dedicated volunteer wildlife carers.

Wildlife Rockhampton has some fantastic success stories of wildlife that have been rescued, rehabilitated and released successfully back into the wild.  Read a few of our ‘blogs  on our ‘News’ page or view our ‘wildlife family images’ page.

If you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife in the Rockhampton region of Central Queensland, please contact:

1300 ANIMAL – RSPCA Emergency Rescue Line

1300 596 457 – Wildlife Rescue Australia 24/7 Call Centre