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Rescuing orphaned wildlife

Providing education on the importance of wildlife

Successfully releasing rehabilitated wildlife

Welcome to Wildlife Rockhampton

Rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout Central Queensland

Wildlife Rockhampton  – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc. has been set up by like-minded community members willing to open their hearts and homes for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife throughout the Rockhampton region in Central Queensland.

Wildlife Rockhampton is run by volunteers and funding only comes from the generosity of the people of Central Queensland through donations, volunteers and support from our various fundraising activities. By supporting Wildlife Rockhampton you are giving the local area’s native animals a second chance for a happy, healthy life.


Wildlife Rockhampton’s aims include:

Become a Wildlife Ally by subscribing and making monthly payments to help the animals in our care. Every dollar goes directly towards medical treatment and/or food and housing of local rescued wildlife.

Wildlife Ally Options


Our hotline 0429 GO WILD (0429 469 453) means members of the public are able to call for assistance when wildlife is found injured. We provide advice on site to rescues as required, helping to minimise the suffering of sick, injured or orphaned Australian native wildlife.


Our registered and highly trained wildlife carers provide care, protection, medical attention and comfort to wildlife whilst in care. Our ultimate goal is to prepare wildlife for release back into the wild with the greatest chance for survival.


We ensure that released wildlife are behaviourally and physically fit enough to have the best chance of survival, as well as contribute to the ongoing benefit of the environment.


Wildlife Rockhampton encourages a greater understanding of living with and preserving our unique wildlife. We provide education on conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat, inspiring involvement and volunteers to maintain a group of dedicated wildlife carers.

Wildlife Rockhampton has some fantastic success stories of animals that have been rescued, rehabilitated and released successfully back into the wild. Read a few of our recent articles below and view our Gallery page for many more. If you find injured wildlife in the Rockhampton region in Central Queensland area, please call us on 0429 GO WILD (0429 469 453).

Never give up

Please take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of wildlife carers and rescuers worldwide. This is young Robbie and his mum, Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Aurizon workers found them lying between railway tracks near Stanwell, Central Queensland....

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Little orphan Angie

Beautiful Angie – a baby brushtail possum – and her mum were taken to a vet after being hit by a car last week. Sadly they couldn’t save her mum but Angie was unharmed, after her mum no doubt protected her at the time of the accident. She’s now in our care and is...

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Coco (Flying Fox)

Meet Coco. We rescued her from Bouldercombe where the poor darling had been hanging by herself for three days. She was very thin but surprisingly still alive and seemingly unaffected by the cold nights. She's a little fighter and took her first bottle of milk like a...

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Pelly the Pelican

Pelly the pelican came to Wildlife Rockhampton sick, injured and unable to eat. After just 14 days she flapped her wings and flew free back into the wild, healthy and happy. From Pedders Suspension in Rockhampton who found her and called in the experts, to Amanda who...

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